I'm a multi-instrumentalist, producer and mix engineer from Brighton, UK. I've been recording, producing & mixing from my home studio for over 10 years and primarily work as a digital mix engineer.

Over my career I've worked with on a number of projects for some incredible artists and creatives, performing in a variety of roles from recording, producing and mixing albums/EPs and live sessions for musicians, sound design/track-laying, scoring and mixing for video projects, general audio production such as clean-up and restoration, as well as a little bit of live sound mixing. 

I love working with others on getting their music & audio into the best possible shape possible for releasing and as a collaborator I'm always aiming to use my skills to carefully enhance and benefit the project, capturing and polishing the intention behind it without transforming it.

If you have a project that needs mixing, production work or just some audio polish, please feel free to get in touch with me via email!

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I've been into music since a young age and enjoy a lot of different genres, so I've always tried not to linger in one particular area for too long and push myself to explore. I got started with a simple audio interface, a laptop and a guitar and began learning production & mixing by attempting to combine electronic beats and productions I'd made in the laptop with guitars I (badly) recorded in.


I practiced writing and mixing a variety of different styles of music within electronic genres such as IDM/Breakcore, Drum 'n Bass and Garage, Metal and Post/Prog/Math Rock, ambience and acoustic/singer-songwriter, Jazz and contemporary instrumental music, developing my skills in both electronic/'in-the-box' software production and writing, performing and recording using instruments and gear. 

I studied Sound Design at Ravensbourne in London and it was during my time here that I started getting more invested in learning about digital audio production outside of the context of music and more of audio quality in general, as I was looking to bring the quality of my home recordings closer to a professional standard.


Whilst I was at Ravensbourne I started working with mix engineer Chris Allen at Toy Rooms Studios in Brighton as an assistant working on albums and singles by the likes of RY X, Mykki Blanco, Vessels, HAEVN, Way Out West and many others, which deepened my understanding and experience of mixing professionally along the way.

Outside of producing and mixing for musicians I currently create royalty-free music sample packs for Ampify and have previously produced content for 

Prime Loops and Samplephonics. I also frequently work with miscellaneous audio production tasks such as acoustic drum quantisation, vocal tuning, clean-up, restoration and basic mastering services.

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In around 2012, I started a music project called Luo - focused on blending electronic music production and sound design with live instrumentation. For live performances the band would go through various forms and often featured extra guest musiciansStarting by consisting of myself as a solo performer, eventually Luo became a 4-piece band and released an album 'Sleep Spindles' on Brighton-based label Small Pond Recordings in 2016.


Currently the project is a two-piece consisting of myself and producer/multi-instrumentalist Barney Sage - we released our most recent album 'Unspoken' on 27.03.2020, available in digital and cassette tape format here:  

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The project has seen critical acclaim from the likes of Huw Stephens on Radio 1, Clash Magazine, Notion & more, having had the delight to perform many live shows supporting the likes of Death Grips, Venetian Snares, Battles, Hidden Orchestra, Shigeto and Emancipator Ensemble along the way to name a few!